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A lyre is primarily a string instrument. Dating back to the times of Greek mythology, this instrument is indeed the gizmo of Gods. The sounds and the melodious strains that is produced from the lyre is not only just mellifluent but also heavenly and divine. There is a grandeur present in the sounds of a lyre and that is simply blissful to the ears. This instrument finds its mention in several texts, epics, artifacts and statues as well. Such is the magnificence of this lyre. The instrument of Heaven, a lyre has a lot of types and classifications and contains the Lyre Harp and the Lyre Xylophone also about which we will brief you here. These two instruments produce euphonious melodies that will shower on you the sweet elixirs of life.

Lyre Harp Instrument

A lyre and a harp may differ from each other, but their joint collaboration has given birth to another unique instrument called as a lyre harp. It is an instrument that is stringed and is quite small in size in comparison to both its parents. Irish lyre harps are the most famous ones and akin to a guitar, they have 8-16 strings in them. The sound of a lyre harp is quite resonating and loud and extremely mellifluous. The musical pieces that one can play on this instrument sound indeed aesthetic. The timbre and the pitch of the sound made by a lyre harp is what differentiates it from all other instruments. Lyre harps are available in different shapes and sizes. Playing them is actually quite simple and the beginners can find themselves playing like an expert in a week!! Amazing, isn’t it?

Lyre Xylophone Instrument

The name lyre xylophone will give you an image of a string instrument with keys, isn’t it? Well, however, this instrument is a percussion instrument and is just a type of glockenspiel. The reason it is called a lyre xylophone is that its appearance is quite similar to both the instruments. The frame resembles a lyre and the keys are that of a xylophone. But the diverging point from the two instruments is that this professional xylophone is a bit bigger than both of its parents and the sound that it produces is not much like the piano or the strings. This instrument was in ancient times used in orchestral bands and it adds and maintains the perfect rhythm of any musical piece. Often called as a drum lyre also, the music is quite rocking and it imparts excellent beats to the symphony. Though it is an unusual instrument, learning and mastering it is very simple and easy and those of you who are just delving into the world of music will find yourselves picking up this skill within a small period of time.

Lyre Harp vs Lyre Xylophone

Well, both lyre harp and lyre xylophones are from the lyre lineage but the basic difference here is that lyre harp is exclusively a string instrument whereas lyre xylophone is a percussion one. So, while you can sway and groove to the tune of your favourite melody on the strings, the lyre xylophone will give you the beats and that will rock not only your song but also your mind out.

Now, if you are confused between which one to choose, here we come to your rescue once again. Lyre harp is a stringed gizmo, so all guitar lovers and lovers of mythology- you won’t find a perfect combination anywhere else. Harps have a great significance in the Greek mythology, so you can now actually play and chime in that instrument to which the Greek Gods like Venus, Zeus would themselves enjoy to.

On the other hand, those of you who go gaga when the bass hits you hard and are the lovers of beats- professional xylophone or the lyre xylophone is the one you are looking for. The sounds of this instrument are immensely soothing and this unique and one of a kind instrument is just what you need. Not only will it make you stand out of the crowd but also, the beats will boost your spirits up pushing you into a world of beats.