Tale as old as Time Lyre Chords & Notes | Beauty And The Beast Lyre Notes

Tale as old as time is an immensely romantic number. That is why here we present to you the Tale as old as time lyre chords and notes. The chords are quite easy and simple and the beginners and the amateurs can learn them in a few minutes.

The lyre chords of Tale as old as time provided here are both accurate and verified. This mellifluous number features in the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast and is a delight to hear. Sung by the marvellous Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson, this melody has been penned down poetically by the poetic Howard Ashman and has been composed by the versatile Alan Menken. The video of this song is a treat to the eyes. This song is a perfect romantic ballad and is quite the mood setter for the old-school lovers.

Tale as old as Time Lyre Chords & Lyre Notes (Version 1)

A C2 E2 F2 A#
Tale as old as time
A C2E2 F2 G2
True as it can be
F G AA# C2
Barely even friends
C2 A# A G F
Then somebody bends
A# A G F C
A C2E2F2 A#
Just a little change

A C2 E2 F2 G2
Small, to say the least
Both a little scared
Neither one prepared
A A# G A F
Beauty and the Beast
F G A A# C2
Ever just the same
F G A D2C2
Ever a surprise
F G A A#C2
Ever as before
C2A# A G F
Ever just as sure
As the sun will rise

B D2F2# G2 C2
Tale as old as time
B D2 F2# G2 A2
Tune as old as song
G A B C2 D2
Bittersweet and strange
D2 C2 B A G
Finding you can change
C2 B A G D
Learning you were wrong

B D2 F2# G2 C2
Certain as the sun
B D2 F2# G2 A2
Rising in the east
B A B D2 G
Tale as old as time
G F# G B E
Song as old as rhyme
B C2 A B G
Beauty and the beast

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Tale as old as Time Lyre Chords & Lyre Notes

Tale as old as Time is a soft and refreshing track with some perfect beats and a gentle tune. The lyrics are quite conversational and metaphorical and this melody is the theme of this splendid Disney movie. From the show tune genre, the song chimes on enchanting everyone of us. Celine Dion’s vocals are simply stunning and it is for her sturdy yet dulcet voice that we are compelled to listen to this number on loop. The song harmonises well with the amorous and the lovey-dovey mood and is a perfect wingman if you are planning to serenade with your beloved in your arms.

Song Credits

Artists: Celine Dion, Peabo Bryson
Album: Celine Dion
Released: 1992
Instrument: Glockenspiel or Lyre Xylophone

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